Corporate governance

Zealand follows Danish securities law, and as a company listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, we are guided by the Corporate Governance Recommendations designated by NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. 

NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen has incorporated the Recommendations by the Danish Committee of Corporate Governance, and Zealand intends to meet these recommendations in all respects of material relevance to our company. As part of our Corporate Governance policy we apply the “comply or explain” principle as recommended.

Zealand regularly reviews its rules, policies and practices related to the overall governance of our company with the purpose of ensuring that we meet our obligations to shareholders, employees, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders, while serving to maximize long-term value.

Recommendations section 3.4.8

It is the view of management that Zealand complies with the recommendations set forward with one single exception which is highlighted and explained below: 

The remuneration committee will be using the same external advisors as the Executive Management, even if this is against the Corporate Governance recommendations. 
The reason is that the Board of Directors is of the conviction that the external advisors will provide professional and unbiased advice in both their capacities as advisers to the Executive Management and to the remuneration committee. 

Zealand’s statutory report on Corporate Governance, which has been prepared in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act, section 107b, is available in full at the company’s website:

The statuary report includes our policy and objectives in relation to diversity in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act, section 99b.