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Partner Collaboration Financial terms


Global license agreement to develop and commercialize lixisenatide (Lyxumia®) and any combination product, which include lixisenatide

Financing: All covered by Sanofi

Milestones to Zealand: USD 275 million, of which USD 160 million is outstanding.

Royalties to Zealand: Tiered, low double-digit percentages on sales of Lyxumia® and fixed, low-double digit percentage on sales of combination products, which include lixisenatide.

Helsinn Healthcare 

Worldwide exclusive agreement on the development and commercialization of elsiglutide within a specific field in cancer supportive care

Financing: All covered by Helsinn

Milestones to Zealand: Up to EUR 140 million, of which
EUR 14 million has been received.

Royalties to Zealand: High single digit percentages of Helsinn’s global sales of elsiglutide. Zealand has an option to obtain commercial rights to elsiglutide in the Nordic countries.


License agreement on
ZP1480 (ABT-719)

Financing: All covered by AbbVie

Royalties to Zealand: Low single digit percentage on global sales of the product.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Global license and collaboration agreement to develop and commercialize glucagon/GLP-1 dual acting agonists for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and/or obesity

Financing: All covered by Boehringer Ingelheim

Milestones to Zealand: Up to EUR 376 million, of which EUR 365 million remaining, in total for potential development, regulatory and commercial events relating to the lead candidate – additional, potential milestones for other products from the collaboration.

Royalties to Zealand: Ranging from high single to low double digits on global sales of products from the collaboration.

Eli Lilly

Collaboration agreement to design and develop novel therapeutic peptides for Type 2 diabetes and obesity 

Financing: The companies will share the funding, risk and reward of the program.