Our strategy

Our strategy defines the path towards achieving Zealand’s corporate mission: 

To discover and develop proprietary innovative peptide medicines and health solutions that improve people’s lives.

To support our mission, we have defined a corporate strategy which builds on three fundamental pillars of our business:

Design and develop novel peptide therapeutics to improve patients’ lives

  • We have a patient-centric approach to the invention of new medicines and accompanying health solutions
  • Our activities are driven by focused innovation and leading competencies in the field of peptide drug design and development. 
  • We aim to expand and advance our activities and value creation through investments in both proprietary and acquired/in-licensed pipeline assets. 

Generate maximum value and mitigate development risk through partnerships

  • We have in-house capabilities to take drug candidates through Phase II clinical Proof-of-Concept studies.
  • To leverage our internal competencies and ensure an optimal balance between drug development risk and value creation, our business model is based on synergistic partnering; with big pharma, biotech and academia. 
  • As our company matures, we will increasingly engage in partnerships that build on sharing financing and risk to add further value to our pipeline, including the retention of strategic product rights and partial commercial rights into late-stage development.

Sustain an R&D-focused and agile operating model 

  • Zealand intends to remain focused on R&D, retaining an organizational structure that ensures high operational agility and rapid decision making to maximise productivity and effects a seamless and dynamic transition from invention to clinical development.