Zealand is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange under the ticker symbol ZEAL. The company has a market capitalization of DKK 1.7 billion and form part of the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen 
Midcap index.

The nominal value of Zealand’s share capital is DKK 23,193,047 divided into 23,193,047 shares with a nominal value of DKK 1 each. The share capital has remained unchanged in 2013. All Zealand shares are ordinary shares belonging to one class.

The number of Zealand shareholders increased 134 % in 2013

On 31 December 2013, Zealand had 4,507 registered shareholders, who held a total of 21,055,753 shares, representing 91 % of the total outstanding share capital of the company. This corresponds to a 134 % increase in number of registered shareholders in 2013 (31 December 2012: 1,925 registered shareholders). In the first months of 2014, 
the number of registered shareholders has remained almost unchanged with 4,526 on 14 March.

Almost 40 % of Zealand’s shares are held by investors outside Denmark, with the United States, France and the United Kingdom representing the largest non-Danish shareholdings. During the period until 2 November 2015  the Board of Directors is authorized to increase the Company´s share capital by issuance of up to 11,163,953 new shares.

Geographical distribution of Zealand share ownership

The Zealand share price fell 30 % in 2013

Zealand’s share price was DKK 59 at the close of 2013 compared to DKK 84 at the end of 2012, corresponding to a 30 % fall in valuation over the course of the year (2012 performance: +47.4 %). In comparison, the OMX Copenhagen Midcap index increased +53 %, the MSCI Europe Biotech Index +60 %, and the Nasdaq US Biotech Index +61 % in 2013.

23 % share price increase in 2014

Since the beginning of 2014, our share price has increased 23 % to close at DKK 72.5 on 14 March. 

The underperformance of our shares in 2013 was mainly a consequence of announcements by Sanofi of 1) a six months’ delay to the start of Phase III development of the Lantus®/Lyxumia® combination product in February and 2) the decision to withdraw the NDA for Lyxumia® in the US and refile in 2015 after completion of the ELIXA CV study. Following each of these announcements, our share price fell 20 %. The launch of Lyxumia® in Europe and Japan as the first Zealand product to be marketed and positive news relating to other pipeline activities, including Helsinn’s decision to advance elsiglutide into Phase IIb, our start of Phase II development of danegaptide and a new partnership with Eli Lilly in diabetes and obesity, did not have sufficient positive effect on our share price to counterbalance the news from Sanofi. 

In 2014, the announced start of the LixiLan Phase III program for the Lantus®/Lyxumia® combination product and a related milestone payment to Zealand from Sanofi of USD 15 (DKK 82) million has positively impacted on our share price. 

Share liquidity increased significantly in 2013

On a very positive note, 2013 saw a further significant improvement in the liquidity of the Zealand stock. The average daily turnover on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen was DKK 3.5 million in 2013, and increase of 95 % compared to 2012. The average daily number of shares traded in 2013 was 47,306 compared to 19,827 in 2012. 

Into 2014 (until 14 March), liquidity has improved further, with an increase of almost 30 % in the average daily turnover to DKK 4.5 million compared to 2013.



Investor Relations in Zealand

In line with the disclosure requirements for companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, Zealand issues company announcements to inform the investor markets of material news relating to the company and its activities and to report interim financial reports. In addition, Zealand issues press releases to inform of business news of non-material character, and Investor News are used to inform of IR news and events.

Direct access to management 

Zealand’s objective is to be open, accessible and proactive in its interactions with the investor community, and our main IR activities include the following: direct access to the management team via conference calls and webcasts, Capital Market Days, conference attendance and roadshows in both the US and the main cities in Europe. 

Coverage by six banks

Zealand is currently covered by six sell-side analysts, representing international banks, French specialist banks and Scandinavian banks. A list of names and contact details can be found at

IR Newsletters

In addition, we issue online IR newsletters on a regular basis to update on recent news flow and the status of our activities. Under the investor section of Zealand’s website: we provide access to relevant information in the form of all our news releases, our IR newsletters. investor slide presentations, our IR event calendar, and recent financial and annual reports. Zealand can also be followed on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Register on our website to get news and IR newsletters directly

Zealand intends in the future to shift more and more to online communication and information provision in order to protect the environment and save money which can be invested into our R&D activities. Therefore, we request all our shareholders to register their email address via our homepage under To receive news releases and IR Newsletters directly, all interested stake holders can register by using the e-mail alert link at

When we say that we care about IR, we are serious about it. Only via direct, transparent and active dialogue can we improve the communication with our stakeholders and we therefore encourage all with an interest in Zealand to contact us with any questions, comments or requests relating to our business and pipeline.


Please contact us

We encourage our share holders, investors, analysts and other stakeholders to contact us with any questions or enquiries relating to Zealand:

IR and Corporate Communications
Phone: +45 50 60 00